Indicators and Metadata ?>

Indicators and Metadata

Project Title: Climate-related Indicators and Data Provenance: Evaluating Coupled Boundary Objects for Science, Innovation, and Decision-Making


This study proposes to examine how researchers from different disciplines and practical contexts (e.g., graduate students, faculty researchers, federal research scientists) use information about the sources and analysis of data, also known as provenance, when presented with indicators in an online system, addressing the research question: Can coupling climate-related indicators with data provenance support scientific innovation and science translation?


To formally test this research question, we plan a three-phase study, with both PIs closely collaborating throughout the entire study. The work will begin with an exploratory, qualitative stage that will produce insights into the context of use (science translation). Informed by the results of the first phase, the second stage will employ design interventions to identify and quantify which features of the  system are most useful for generating new ideas (scientific innovation). In the final phase, we will integrate our findings and target new funding opportunities based on this initial study. In addition, we can currently capitalize on opportune timing that would permit our findings to inform revisions to the NCIS, adding value to the system for a broader range of audiences and uses. Such findings would also provide important initial results to support the development of competitive grant proposals for testing the generalizability of our findings to other data sharing systems.


Funders: This project is funded by Seed Grant Funding from the Increasing the Participation and Advancement of Women in Academic Science and Engineering Careers grant (ADVANCE) from the National Science Foundation (NSF).