Congratulations, Dr. Sarah M. Anderson! ?>

Congratulations, Dr. Sarah M. Anderson!

Dr. Sarah M. Anderson (left) and Dr. Melissa A. Kenney

Dr. Sarah M. Anderson received her Ph.D. from Washington State University in the field of Ecology this past spring. Dr. Anderson worked closely with Dr. Melissa A. Kenney during her time as a science-policy fellow at the US Global Change Research Program. During her fellowship, Dr. Anderson provided technical support to the indicator teams and worked with Dr. Kenney’s team to develop the National Climate Indicator System under the National Climate Assessment’s sustained assessment efforts. To this end, Dr. Anderson worked with scientists across federal agencies, public institutions, and private sectors. She managed a group of senior scientists where they identified indicators in forests and forest systems. Notably, she became the lead author of the forest team’s journal article contribution to a special edition of Climatic Change. During her fellowship, she also managed junior scientists, designed conceptual models, and worked with other teams to draft technical input reports and identify key climate change indicators across physical, ecological, and social sectors.


Dr. Kenney, who also mentored one of Dr. Anderson’s dissertation chapters, commented that “not only is Dr. Anderson a great scientist, she is highly effective at navigating the science policy boundary. Sarah has a phenomenal ability to translate, integrate, and synthesize highly technical information outside of her direct expertise, a critical skill to increase the role of science in Federal and Legislative decisions.”


Congratulations, Dr. Anderson!


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