FORMER INTERN NAMED Sally Casanova Pre-doctoral Scholar ?>

FORMER INTERN NAMED Sally Casanova Pre-doctoral Scholar

Deseret Weeks, former National Oceanic Atmospheric and Administration Hollings Scholar mentored by Dr. Melissa A. Kenney, was named a Sally Casanova Pre-doctoral Scholar from The Califonia State University. Since completing her summer with Dr. Kenney, Deseret has been focused on environment-related research, as she describes below:
“I’m currently finishing my Master’s degree in Geography — Resource Management and Environmental Planning at San Francisco State University. My thesis includes an ecosystem services impact assessment as well as a GIS analysis of source, transport and fate of mercury in a historically mined (mercury and gold) watershed in Northern California. For my PhD I plan on doing a comparative study of regions impacted by gold and/or mercury mining that will utilize interviews and GIS. This research seeks to reveal links with vulnerability of social and ecological systems associated with global change factors which could then possibly be used as part of the quantification of the chemical threshold (heavy metals) of global change.”
Congratulations, Deseret!

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